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Your WebsiteAnd Your Business

No matter what type of organization you have, we know how important your online presence in the web can be. That is why our company is absolutely business-focused. What we can share on the basis of our experience is that receiving a great website does not happen by chance. A great website is a result of lots of efforts, building great design and stepping on a solid foundation. And we can provide you with such a solid foundation because we really dig deep to understand what exactly our clients need for their personal websites.

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  • Bespoke Website Design

    Website design is the most important thing for the website and this is the basic work of our designers. That is why they do a deep research to find out what are the main business objectives of the respective company and its website, as well for fulfilling the needs of the users – and that is actually the main goal after all, making the users happy.
  • Social Media Branding

    Social media branding is an important part of your whole marketing strategy. We can discuss the things with you and create a social media branding package that will fit your needs, with pictures, targeted advertising and images that will help promoting your business and your company, so that your future clients see all the potential that you possess.
  • E-commerce websites

    When you are looking for the best e-commerce solution for your online business, our company can provide you one. We use our best knowledge in design and e-commerce to create websites which are user friendly and do not have barriers to overcome for using them. We have created hundreds of e-commerce websites so far.
  • The website that you have now has been created with the main goal to support and advertise your business in the Internet, so you should use all the opportunities that the web can offer to you. That is why our company is constantly following the new trends in the Internet space so that we are able to create dynamic and beautiful websites.
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  • Hosting

    Our company can provide you with one professional hosting solution for your new website. We have a standard package for hosting services that will give you the opportunity to have your own space on the virtual server that is owned by our company, and you can use the web facilities of 500MB of web spaces, 10 mailboxes and 20GB transfer limit.
  • Project management

    Even the best project managers can find some projects and e-business programs quite challenging. But we have developed a number of helpful services that will make your site develop quickly. Those services include project recovery and management, and design implementation.We use latest project management technologies.
  • User-centred Design

    Do you want to know which business strategy for an online business is the most successful one? Well, this is not something like a big secret and you can guess that the winning strategy here is putting the user at the centre of everything. So we will develop your design, gather information, website visualization, and these are just a few of the things that we will do for moving your side only forward.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    When building the search engine optimization for your site, our company will create a page around certain keywords or specific terms. We also use different SEO tools and we create a link strategy for your personal site, and all those things help your website so that it becomes and stays search engine friendly.
  • Maintenance and support

    For our clients who want to have a formal arrangement for the maintenance and the support that we provide for their web site, we can offer our special services. Using this package, the client can be sure that the online web investment he makes is well protected and the website will be developed in the future so that it meets all the customers` demands.